About us

SOFT EIS comes from an idea to explore dualities in all shapes and forms; softness and hardness being the two principle dualities that informed our first issue on sex. The magazine is personal. Through the nature of the topics we address, we intend to highlight that being open about intimate topics is not a vulnerability. Being soft isn't being weak, the same way that being hard isn’t being strong.

SOFT EIS assembles contributors from all over, asking for submissions on the topic in the form that they see fit. We place no restrictions on form and encourage conversations of every conceivable kind.
SOFT EIS is a celebration of the individual, and simultaneously a celebration of the strength and quality of work when people come together to examine a topic from all angles.

About the team

We are currently comprised of two editors and two graphic designers.

Liselotte Dossenbach and Maïté Moloney are the two Editors-In-Chief. Both are reachable at editors@softeismag.com. 
Our designers are Dom Okah and Lucas Garvey.