Áine Ní ChaomhánachAine Kavanagh (or ní Chaomhánach for the non-anglicised version) is a science dork trying to reinvent herself as a cool creative gal who can maybe surf a bit. She is obsessed with how we see our bodies and how our bodies see us, and how this relationship decides how we dance, how we love, how we mourn, how we move through this big ol world

Amanda Hohenbergamanda is half human half shrimp woven together by a thread of tender undergrowth. she is based in NYC where she uses poetry and audio research to make kin with weeds across languages and temporal zones.

Camilla MasonCamilla is a multidisciplinary artist and performer from Bristol and London. This series came from an installation entitled The Lady Garden featured at Shambala Festival 2018 - a giant multimedia installation created by a team of artists shaped as a vulva that enticed festival goers to sit inside and interact with.

Cheryl Rudd I experience art as a way to understand myself, to comprehend the internal and external worlds. Making sense of modern day mayhem. Frequently I am drawn to working with the female form, enhancing it, uncovering it and merging it with other visual realities. Sex in my opinion is not only the act of having sex, its the essence, its all around us if you look close enough. It's in curves, in colours and words, it can be found quietly hovering everywhere if you look for it.

Christian WattsChristian’s work focuses on sex, identity and the spaces designed to accomodate for the outsiders, kinks and those escaping their reality. However without realising it, Christian’s work becomes a personal journey to find out whatever the fuck gender is.

Donald ButlerWhen I crave sex and/or intimacy - two separate but entangled things - there is always the mediator of a screen, almost always my phone. If I were to look at the micro details of my sex life, the story is in the greasy finger prints smeared all over a screen; negotiated hook-ups, never-ever-happening drunk messages, Rihanna played for the 8th time in one night. All these things are evidenced through the sebum excreted from my horny fingers, and I realise I’m more intimate with my phone than I am with the men I fuck. That strange relationship I have with my devices is where most of the work and thoughts I get stuck on are based, on the screen. Donald is a visual artist, writer and cultural producer based in Aberdeen

Eleanor AffleckEleanor is a part-time Queer History MA student at Goldsmiths UoL working in in LGBTQ+ arts access and education. Rosalind performing Ganymede in As You Like It is a cross-dressing, gender-fucking, transcestral, bisexual, homosexual, gay, lesbian, queer icon. Seeing all of these possibilities across history gives me a point of reference, a feeling that we have always been trying to work this shit out, and feeling it out as best as we can, and that gives me a lot of hope for the present.

Gouda TreciokaiteI am a final year nanoscience student in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Through my photographs, I wanted to showcase the beauty, fragility and softness of the male body. Boys are subject to so many gender stereotypes that still need to be broken down to this day.

Jude Gardner-RolfeJude is a graphic designer whose work minces along the line between softcore porn and a tribute to hardcore living.

Julianne MuellerI found myself on the hedonistic treadmill of the corporate industry before my calling into the nonprofit sector and my reawakening as an artist. I'm a community organiser, facilitator of transformational spaces and I'm passionate about authentic expression of self through art, intellect, emotion and sex.

Ira DoréMx. (Ira) Dore is a human being and artist that engenders their self differently everyday - they don't currently have a name, but maybe when you read this they will. For them, sex is a conception of breath and being that is in every flower, root, and stem - literal and figurative. In human social situations, sex is a playful exploration of empathy and the empowering limitations of consensual reality that liberate our creativity in becoming and coming and coming into here and now.

Lily Guy VogelMy interest in all things sexual (in my poetry) came about completely organically, I write a lot in isolation, often when I am having a strong emotional reaction to something and it just keeps coming up again and again in my work. Without realising it I suddenly had a collection of pieces exploring female sexuality and that is now something that I am working towards - I am currently trying to create a small anthology which deals with all aspects of female sexuality in modern society - not an easy feat at all and quite a complicated, messy, varied subject - which is what I am trying to portray in my work.

Maja Chiara FaberMaja Chiara Faber - the Zodiac sign: Leo, works predominantly in the medium of photography, film and music. For ISSUE01 of SOFT EIS Magazine I prepared articles about sex positivity in modern Athens and how astrology impacts ones sexuality. Devoted to deprogramming toxic programs of patriarchal societies, where she finds working with astrology and sexuality the ancestral tools of mother witches, the comeback to feminine energy roots.

Phoebe EcclesMy work is a regurgitation of everyday inertia, despairs and yearnings. I am interested in the texture of grief and have recently been tackling the following questions through spoken word comedy: how can pain be fashioned into an object? why does it feel important for this object to be funny? Why do I need it to be laughed at? The motivation to write stems, I think, from a need to redeem and make shiny the parts of life that otherwise feel surplus. Writing is one method of refashioning the unbearable into the bearable.

In terms of the theme of Sex Positivity, I wanted to think about the self censoring or repressive functions of the psyche that perhaps kick in when we are told that we can have sex how we like and with who we like. My sexuality feels tangled up with so many other messy desires, like the desire to feel safe and loved. I wanted to write about the baby steps towards the untangling.I am based in Hackney, London. I write poetry and short fiction and I have been published by Ambit and Writer’s Block, among other magazines.

Pierre de MonesRéda AitReda Ait and Pierre Demones is a filmmaker and artistic director duo from Paris, joining forces to create poetic yet striking imagery.

Rosa JonesRosa Jones is a writer from Galway. Her work currently deals with themes of fractured memory, repression and sexuality.

Sophie le RouxSophie’s photographic desires are usually fuelled by neglected construction sites oozing pink goo and stripped-down walls, but here she moves into a new realm with images echoing German 1970s food fetish pornography, with traces of Jessica Simpson.

Lamb KebabLamb Kebab is a vegan rapper raised by a family of sexual goats based in amoral bodies, tabooized within Cuban landscapes. Lyrically.

Lotti Seebeck Vibrant contraction of moon, mars and mercury mingeling inspire Lotti's earthly stroll for xdisciplinary interaction, then, now and for lifelong unbecoming

Sophie MerrisonI’ve always been interested in movement and interactions within public space, making visible the invisible/marking space and making space and the subtle choreographies of social change. With the ‘kiss mob’ I wanted to do something for queer visibility in a joyful, fun way whilst also having a great time doing it!

Stephanie Ballentine Stephanie Ballantine is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, performance, curation, video and design. She is an organiser and curator at FK-Galerie and FK-Kollektiv, Berlin. Her fields of interest include: Commoditised sexuality, bio politics, political control,’The Gaze', ‘The Big Other’ and its entanglements... She uses expressions of hybridity, ‘anti-curation’, collaboration, queerness, intersectionality…

Tom Ringsby
I got a call to shoot the beautiful people of the kissmob at the Berlin march this summer, as both an avid street photographer and kisser it was a sweet project to get involved with. Big love to all the radical role models marching and making out for a better future. Photographer based in London.

Will BrownI am an Australian-born writer and filmmaker based in Berlin, here to talk shit and expand your mind. My stories tend to be satirical comedies from the perspective of warped little weirdos, and my featured semi-autobiographical short story A Tribute To Self Worth is no different. If there’s anything I want you to gain from my little tale, it’s the fundamental truth that the key to spiritual satisfaction is found in the pursuit of individual enlightenment and not in the quest for silly things like community, inter-personal connection or environmentalism.

Sam Parfitt

Sam is a dancer, writer and performer with a background in social and cultural anthropology. Originally from the UK, they grew up in the Netherlands and have been living in Berlin on and off now for over three years. Often preoccupied with mental health, they strive to connect with themselves and what makes them feel good while navigating their way through marginal urban spaces.

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