What we are looking for

SOFT EIS is a magazine dedicated to telling personal stories; to explore softness and vulnerability; and to flip common misconceptions. Each topic that we launch into is carefully picked for its current fixture in the mainstream, with the goal of deconstructing and undressing current thought, leading the reader down the rabbit hole and out the other end to rethink everything they have ever thought. We are not digestable, we are not easy. 

This is what we expect from our submissions: gut-punching rawness, screaming emotion, never-ending questions, and a slide into softness. If you have what it takes, send us an email. 

We do not expect fully formed submissions. The more fledgling, the better. However, if you have a WIP or finished project that you think suits the current topic, get in touch. We take in any format, any length, any language

What you can expect from us

As we work predominantly with initial ideas, we are as on hand as possible. We meet every contributor at least once, there are no exceptions. Whether this is in person or on skype, it is important for us to understand the person behind the work, so that the magazine in its overall form reflects this personal touch. 

Once we have met we are open to working with you as little or as much as you like. Our general process is that once someone has sent us an idea we try to give feedback as soon as possible. From there we expect a first draft or an outline of the work/projec and this ensues another session of feedback. Once this has been undertaken we are relatively happy to allow the work/project to flourish and take shape and step back in for feedback once we are asked. 

Everybody that we work with has an equal chance of making it into the final magazine. The first round finishes on the submission deadline, and from there we analyse what fits together and how the overall magazine looks. 


We are currently working on establishing payment for contributors and team members. This is an important topic for us as we believe everyone should be paid for their work, especially when it is made for us. We work under the ethos that nobody gets paid, until everybody gets paid, and this includes back-paying previous contributors and team members. We are doing our best at providing an open and creative platform for emerging creatives that is currently distributed in three different countries and growing.

For the moment what we can do is send you a copy of the magazine you are featured in. If you have some wealthy entrepeneurial friends that have a sweet spot for fledgling, hard-hitting magazines, send them our way. 

In regards to format

We do not have hard hitting rules for format. For written pieces we expect around 2000-3000 words for journalistic, opinion, critical, and non-fiction pieces. Academic pieces are not only considered but encouraged, especially from a scientific p.o.v. Linguistics, anthropology, gender studies, pharmacy: these are all previous or current subjects that were brought in. Referencing in-text is discouraged but if you need a bibliography, it can be included. 

Fiction can be as short or as long as you want (max.3500 words). We accept fragmentary story-telling, poetry, short stories, and long stories. There are no limitations to genre, you can even invent your own and we have a soft spot for sci-fi.   

Photography/visual art is not limited, however we will make our own final selections unless they are explicitely submitted as a pack. If you have an idea for a photography project but are not a photographer, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

Illustrations are much the same. If you would be more interested in illustrating a piece, get in touch with us so we can keep you on file if we like your style. 

If you are a graphic designer and feel your style would be one for us, hit us with an email. We are currently on the look out for people for ISSUE02.  As graphic design is one of the most important points to SOFT EIS, we work with a changing set of designers to keep it different, keep it weird. 


If you have any questions, the email as always is editors@softeismag.com.