SOFT EIS is independent, self-published and self-funded. We value this as it allows us to create a magazine we believe in and that we believe is completely original. In being a magazine that seeks to explore all sides of the conversation, this freedom is integral to our concept. We work hard to make the project happen but we rely on external donations to create a print magazine, which acts as a tangible platform to showcase the variety of work we receive.

SOFT EIS is grounded upon  personal connections with our contributors. We take the time to meet everyone who becomes a contributor, whether over Skype or in person. This is so that we truly understand everyone’s work and that the concept of the magazine is understood and that we can work in cohesion. It is incredibly important to us that artists are able to be free with their submissions and can create work of any length and size to be published in SOFT EIS. We want the quality of the magazine to match the quality of the work from our contributors.
By donating you are directly allowing us to make more issues and to further our print run and to continue our concept of open and creative conversation. We will then be able to pay contributors for their work, in the interest of recognising the value of art. 
All donations will be mentioned in the magazine by name (unless otherwise specified).  We have specifically left the donation value open, if you would like to donate to  a specific purpose of the magazine  you can email us or mention it in the donation summary.

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